38 cm Sturmmörser (“Sturmtiger”) SPG Coming War Thunder!

38 cm Sturmmörser (“Sturmtiger”) SPG Coming War Thunder! The legendary self-propelled assault gun with high-caliber rockets was designed to destroy whole buildings during urban fights! The Sturmtiger comes to War Thunder!

War Thunder Sturmtiger Gif

One of the most famous tanks known to WWII fans is the Sturmtiger. This tank, which is especially expected for games, is now in War Thunder.

According to the information received:

  • In the Germany country tree where the tank should be,
  • An SPG Type tank,
  • rank IV. It will be added to the game as a Premium vehicle.

38 cm Sturmmörser (“Sturmtiger”) Features:

  • 380 mm HE rockets
  • Good armor protection
  • Long reload time

The 38 cm Sturmmörser self-propelled gun, better known as the Sturmtiger, will be the main prize in a special event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of War Thunder

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