Boeing 747-200 Classic: Now X-Plane 12 Compatible!

Boeing 747-200 Classic: Now X-Plane 12 Compatible! Over 3 years in the making, Felis presents to you none other than one of the most iconic aircraft ever built: the Boeing 747-200 Classic.

First flown in February 1969, the Boeing 747 is one of the most successful aircraft ever built by Boeing. With nearly 400 747-200s built, there’s no shortage of iconic routes and airlines that could be flown!

This rendition of the Boeing 747-200 is created to best reflect the 747-200s systems, flight dynamics, and performance. Just like the Felis Tu-154, this X-Plane model was designed with the help of original documents, blueprints, videos, and the great help of many real world pilots and flight engineers on the 747-200, along with enthusiasts.

With this package you get a basic passenger model with PW JT9D-7J engines. More updates will come.

Boeing 747-200 Classic Accurate systems:

  • Electric system with all its buses and current calculations
  • Fuel system, that requires proper fuel management
  • Fire detection system with dual loop sensors
  • 4 channel system
  • Pneumatic system with actual pressure calculations
  • Custom pressurization and air-conditioning system
  • Fully custom autopilot with autoland function
  • Autothrottle system separate from the autopilot with EPR limiting system
  • Radios are powered by Totoriko’s libradio and openWXR plugins, fully integrated into aircraft’s systems
  • FMOD sounds (engines sounds by TSS)
  • Crew voices

Boeing 747-200 Classic: Now X-Plane 12 Compatible!

Detailed modeling:

  • Fully modeled exterior with lots of accurate animations
  • Passenger cabin
  • Highly detailed cockpit with each button, switch and knob functional
  • Historic liveries of the most known airlines, ever used 747-200
  • PBR textures

Boeing 747-200 Classic: Now X-Plane 12 Compatible!

Electronic Flight Bag:

  • Fuel and load calculators
  • Refueling and load managers
  • Ground service controls
  • INS helper to align and manage flightplans
  • Performance calculator
  • Automatic checklists
  • Fully custom Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA INS)
  • 3 CDU units works separately
  • Triple-mix mode
  • REMOTE function to populate waypoints and DME info
  • Single and dual DME update function
  • Fully integrated into aircraft system, no separate plugins required
  • Auto-Updater
  • Now with Skunkcraft updater

Upcoming features:

  • VR support
  • Shared Flight and SmartCopilot profiles
  • LTN-92 nav system
  • Custom failures
  • More details and animations in cabin

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