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Contraband Police Review! 2022

Briefly Contraband Police Review

Contraband Police Review! 2022 As it is known, the release date of this game was announced in the past weeks. In addition, after this statement, those who love this game were very excited. We also wrote a review for people who are curious before the game has been released yet.

The most detailed Border Control game I’ve ever seen!

As you know we have seen various games like Paper please, Border officer. However, I would like to point out that this game is completely more developed than them. In this game, we take prisoners independently from other games. We buy various tools from the market.

Contraband Police Prison

While you are reading this review, you can play the demo version of the game by clicking here. You can also learn the system requirements by clicking here.

Don’t miss any detail!

In such games, details are often looked at. However, you should not miss any detail in the control you perform in this game.

If we want to give an example:

  • Search the vehicle of the suspect person at the incoming vehicle control. Unload and examine the loads it carries. But don’t check incorrectly, it can cost you dearly!

Loads Contraband Police

Why do we say pay attention? You can’t just find drugs in the cargoes. You can also find drugs in the seats and under the hoods.

Seats Contraband Police

You will have to cut out the seats and check the inside as in the attachment above.


I want to talk about the last part of our review. We spent about 5 hours in the game during this review. After 5 hours of gameplay, the game always ended with the same ending.

Many things like passport control are similar to other games. You can understand that the game is over when you come to the part where Armed Skirmishes take place. Thank you for reading my review!

Contraband Police Passport Control


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