What Are Hearts of Iron IV Console Codes?

Briefly Hearts of Iron IV Console Codes

What Are Hearts of Iron IV Console Codes? Hearts of Iron IV or Hoi4 is one of the most popular strategy games today. In our previous articles, we told you the system requirements. In this article, we will share the Hoi4 console commands with you. Console commands are mostly sought after by newcomers to the game. People who are new to the game or want to explore mostly use console commands. In addition, not only beginners but also those who get into trouble while playing the game use console commands as a solution.

In order to use console commands, the “Ironman” mode in the game must not be turned on. While in the game, press the “é” button under the ESC button and the console will open. You can type any of the commands below. Let’s find out which are these commands together:

Briefly What Are Hearts of Iron IV Console Codes?

  • focus.autocomplete = Allows you to pass the focus tree directly.
  • event [Event ID] [Target Country Tag] = Executes the desired Event.
  • add_opinion [Target Country Tag] = Improves your relationship with the selected country.
  • fow (debug_fow) [<City ID> Optional] = Removes the fog, everything becomes visible. If you type a city ID, it will only remove the fog over that city.
  • add_core [<City ID>] = Adds a core to the city whose ID is written. (adds the right to wage war)
  • setcontroller [Target Country Tag] [<City ID>] = Allows you to control the cities written.
  • research_on_icon_click = The research you clicked opens instantly. (For those who want to open one by one)
  • allowdiplo = Allows you to enable diplomatic permissions.
  • add_party_popularity [ideology] [amount] = Increases party popularity.
  • set_ruling_party [ideology] = Makes your chosen party the country manager.
  • cp [amount] = your Command Power joint provides.
  • fronts = Makes foreign fronts visible.
  • traderoutes = Makes trade routes visible.
  • reloadsupply(relsup) = Reloads supply systems.
  • nu [amount] = Provides the country with your National Unity joint
  • tag [country id] = Allows you to switch between countries. (Dear TurkMMO readers, I will share the IDs on this
  • topic.)
  • add_equipment [amount] [equipment name] = Allows you to add equipment. You don’t need to produce.
  • researchall = Does all research.
  • debug_nuking = You can drop nukes wherever you want.
  • observe = You switch to observer mode
  • civilwar [ideology] [country tag] = You start a civil war in the country you want.
  • setowner [country tag] [region id] = You take the region under your protection.
  • yesman = All countries accept your requests.
  • winwars = Allows you to get the maximum points you can get (in battles).
  • massconquer (massc) = Allows you to mass-conquer
  • whitepeace (wp) [<Country Tags>] = If you write the tag of the country you are at war with, you will make white peace.
  • deleteallunits (delall) = Destroys all units.
  • teleport (tp) [<City ID>] = Teleports the selected troop to the city whose ID is written.
  • annex [Country tag] = Allows you to capture countries directly. Ex: annex GER
  • manpower [amount] = Allows you to add manpower.
  • tdebug = Opens the Debug menu. (If you’re not a mod maker, don’t mess with this code at all)
  • instantconstruction = allows you to make the structures you want (Infrastructure etc.) instantly.
  • st [amount] = Provides your Stability joint.
  • ws [amount] = Allows you to add War Support.
  • pp [amount] = Adds your political power.
  • nextsong = Skips to the next song.
  • nomapicons = Toggles map icons.
  • resign = Ends the game and switches to the score screen.
  • ai_invasion = Allows artificial intelligence to infer.
  • spawn [] [<City ID>] [] = Spawns a troop in a city.
  • weather = Turns weather off.
  • You view properties like 3dstats = FPS etc.
  • Focus.NoChecks = Turns off the requirements for focuses.

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