How To Make A Minecraft Archer Table?

Today, together with you, we will learn how to make an Archer table in Minecraft, which is frequently played today. It is quite difficult to craft an item while in survival mode. Especially it is more difficult to find materials to make the items we need. But we will show you how to make an archer table in a short and easy way. You will now have an archer table to make your job easier while in survival mode. So how to make an archer table while in minecraft survival mode? Let’s look at the answer to this question together.

How to Make an Archer Table in Minecraft Survival Mode:

  • We have 2 required materials. 2 pieces of flint and steel 4 pieces of any wooden block will suffice.
  • We open the crafting table.
  • We place our 2 flints in the 2 slots of the first row above.
  • We place 4 boards in the two sections of the Middle and Bottom row.
  • Now our archer table is ready.

Minecraft Archer Table

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