How To Make A Minecraft Juke Box?

How To Make A Minecraft Jukebox? Making items while in survival mode in the Minecraft game, which attracts a lot of attention even today, is very challenging for new players. In order for you to make items more comfortably for you, we explain the stages of making items with the materials step by step.

In our series of crafting items in minecraft survival mode, today we are going to show you how to make a juke box in minecraft survival mode. If you want to craft other items while in survival mode, you can browse our site. Now let’s learn together how to make a music box in minecraft.

How To Make A Minecraft Jukebox In Brief?

First of all, there are 2 materials we need to have. Thanks to these materials, you can immediately make a juke box. Let’s see what are the materials we need to use:

  • 8 wooden pieces
  • 1 diamond

How to Make a Minecraft Jukebox Step by Step

  • Open the crafting table
  • We place 3 pieces of wood in the first row, one on each block, respectively.
  • When we move to the middle row, we place wood-diamond-wood. If you get the order wrong, you will not be able to reach the music box you want to produce.
  • On the bottom row, we place 3 pieces of wood, one on each block.
  • Our jukebox is ready, but you need to move it to inventory in order to use it. After moving it to the inventory, you can use your music box as you wish…

Here, we have explained the stages of making a music box, which you can easily do, together with its materials. If you are wondering how to make the item that you have in mind or that you want to make while in survival mode, we would be happy if you tell us in the comments. We wish you pleasant games.

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