Rand McNally Expands its Breakthrough Vehicle Telematics Platform into New Markets

The Rand Platform is now available and fully customizable for Field Service customers

Broadening its reach further into the connected vehicle market, Rand McNally, a leader in innovative fleet technology, today announced the expansion of its highly flexible Rand Platform into additional field service markets.

The API-first platform, which already counts Toyota, Avis, and Aramex as customers, has several new, diverse offerings tailored for field service customers – from small to large fleets, from construction companies to Oil, Gas, and Mining operations.

“We are pleased to offer an expanded group of customers access to the Rand Platform,” said Adam Ricketts, V.P. of Product at Rand McNally. “Our platform has been designed to very simply fit the unique business needs of companies, rather than have customers adhere to a set of predefined features that may not fit their unique business needs.”

With a number of automated features that ease fleet onboarding complexities – such as automatic VIN decoding – and the platform’s powerful drag-and-drop business rules engine – to easily set up any alert or exception reporting required – the Rand Platform has unlimited options in a no-code environment for better managing vehicles, drivers, and assets.

“The savings fleets can achieve with the Rand Platform are remarkable. Our customers have experienced a dramatic uptick in safety as well as cost savings in a variety of areas,” Ricketts continued.

Among the benefits that existing customers have experienced with the Rand Platform:

A 45% reduction in fleet maintenance and administration costs,
An 80% drop in speeding violations among drivers, improving safety,
And a 99% recovery in stolen vehicle and equipment assets.

The Rand Platform and its powerful solutions are supported by best-in-class hardware options for secure vehicle telematics, driver safety and coaching, and asset tracking. All data from the hardware is available on the Rand Platform, which is a single sign-on ecosystem, enabling customers to manage their entire fleet operation in one place.

Hardware on the Rand Platform includes:

Vehicle Telematics: Rand McNally’s GX6 device is the company’s connected vehicle device. With multiple connectivity options, from OBDI to OBDII to J-Bus, the GX6 has up to 1GB of on-board memory – more than any other device on the market. This is especially helpful for fleets operating in parts of the world where cellular connectivity may be irregular. The device comes with both internal antenna and external antenna variants, capable of receiving signals from multiple GPS satellite networks and connecting across a large spectrum of cellular bands.
Driver Safety: Driver and vehicle safety is enabled with Rand Video Telematics (RVT), a best-in-class MV/AI dash camera with road-facing and optional cab-facing camera. The RVT, via the Rand Platform, enables the monitoring of road-facing risky driving behaviors such as tailgating, collision detection, unsafe cornering, harsh braking, and sudden speed increase. Leveraging RVT, can help improve safety while reducing insurance costs.
High-Value Asset Tracking: The company’s TrueTrack® asset trackers include a battery option, a solar-powered device, as well as a wired version for customers who require constant location tracking with alerts/pings every two minutes.
With the move into field services, Rand McNally has tailored its tiered platform subscription offerings to meet the goals of all companies, from small fleets concerned with vehicle and driver tracking, to larger enterprise operations developing services and integrations using the platform’s powerful APIs.

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