Superman is looking for a graphics card for his new computer!

Cavill, who caught the eye of NVIDIA RTX 4090, which is currently the most powerful graphics card, also wants to see AMD's graphics card move.

Henry Cavill, who we know for his portrayal of the Superman character, was talked about a lot when he collected his own computer at the beginning of the pandemic. Recently, Cavill said that it is preparing to update its hardware. Cavill wants to see all the options before making a decision.

Henry Cavill updates his hardware

The famous player has not yet decided on the graphics card for his computer. Waiting for AMD company’s move against RTX 4090.

In addition, according to the information received, AMD is preparing to introduce its new graphics cards on November 3. This presentation is waiting not only for Cavill, but also for everyone in the gaming community who will renew their system.

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