What Are The Forest Cheats And Console Commands! 2022

Briefly The Forest Cheats And Console Commands

What Are The Forest Cheats And Console Commands! 2022 We will take The Forest, one of the most known horror and survival games these days, to our article. Although the game is old, it is still played. In addition, the developer company said that it is preparing to release the second game. As it is known, in this game, we are trying to survive on an island full of cannibals. In doing so, we encounter various mutant cannibals and the challenges of the island. While dealing with these, it is really enjoyable to use cheats and console codes for the game. We, as the gameagenda team, have prepared this highly researched topic for you today. Let’s learn together:

Briefly What Are The Forest Cheats And Console Commands! 2022

  • godmode on = Immortality Cheat
  • godmode off = Immortality Cheat Disable
  • loghack on = Unlimited Items Cheat
  • loghack off = Turning Off Previous Cheat Code
  • addallitems = Get All Items Cheat
  • speedyrun on-off = You move fast.
  • buildhack on-off = Build, Building, Build Cheat
  • ironforest = This code makes your in-game structures never damage/destructible even if attacked. If your structures are being destroyed because you are constantly attacked in the game, I recommend you to use it.
  • regrowmode = This code cheat instantly re-extends all cut trees in the game and makes them unlimited.
  • veganmode = Zombies and creatures in the game disappear.
  • rawmeatmode = If you write this code, your entire save will be deleted even once you die in the game.
  • meatmode = Turns off all active The Forest cheats. If there is a cheat in the game that you have difficulty turning off, you can write this code to reset everything.

How to activate The Forest Console

  1. First of all, turn on In-Game Cheats from the Settings in the Game.
  2. Then Type ”developermode on” on the In-Game Home Screen. (You Don’t Need To Open Console) (Do Not Pause The Game In-Game)
  3. Then you can enter the game and open the console with the “F1” key.

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