What are GTA 5 Story Mode Cheat Codes?

GTA5 is an action-adventure game released on September 17, 2013 by Rockstar Games. GTA5 Story Mode cheat codes are still actively sought. We have compiled this topic for you today. Let’s learn together.

Remember! As soon as you activate the cheat code, achievements, money, etc. will come from the mission. It closes and you have to re-enter the save to turn it back on.

Because there is little money in Story Mode, you can buy weapons, cars, etc. You don’t get things. But cheat codes have been added to the game to make the game easier.

What are GTA 5 Story Mode Cheat Codes in Brief?

  • PAINKILLER: Become Immortal for five minutes!
  • TOOLUP : Get all weapons
  • TURTLE: Full health and armor
  • POWERUP: Refills the bar of your special abilities.
  • CATCHME : Your character runs faster.
  • GOTGILLS : Your character swims faster.
  • HOPTOIT: Your character jumps higher.
  • FUGITIVE: Increases Search Level.
  • LAWYERUP : Decreases the search level.
  • DEADEYE: Makes Targeting Easy
  • HOTHANDS : Exploding fist
  • HIGHEX : Exploding bullet
  • INCENDIARY: Combustible Bullet
  • LIQUOR: Gets Character Intoxicated
  • SKYDIVE: Gives Parachute.
  • MAKEITRAIN : This is used to change weather changes.
  • SNOWDAY: Gives cars the ability to slide. This code also causes the game’s traffic to be corrupted.
  • FLOATER: If you write this code inside the car, you will not be affected by gravity.
  • JRTALENT : You will continue the game as any NPC (Artificial Intelligence).
  • TRASHED: Creates Garbage Truck.
  • BARNSTORM : Creates an Acrobatic Plane (STUNT PLANE).
  • BANDIT : Creates BMX
  • BUZZOFF: Creates Armored Helicopter.
  • FLYSPRAY : Creates Airplane Named DUSTER.
  • HOLEIN1 : Creates Golf Cart.
  • COMET : Creates a Sports Car.
  • RAPIDGT : Creates a Different Sports Car.
  • VINEWOOD : Creates Limousine.
  • ROCKET : Creates a Motorcycle.
  • OFFROAD : Creates an Earth Motorcycle.

Is there an Unlimited Money Cheat?

  • Unfortunately, there is no code for the money cheat. You can do this with programs like Cheat Engine.
    How to use cheats

How to use Story Mode cheats

  • Open the window by clicking the Key under the ESC Key on the keyboard and enter the codes you see above and activate the cheats.

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