What is Minecraft Dynmap, How to Install?

What is Dynmap

Thanks to this Dynmap plugin you have installed, it allows you to see the Minecraft map by importing it from a website. This widget is usually used on servers like SMP (survival multiplayer), Towny or Factions. Not much use from servers like PVP and Skyblock. Even when you are not on the server, you can see who is doing what by entering the coordinates thanks to this plugin. Do not forget to use the comments in case of any problems! Let’s learn how to install this plugin now:

Briefly How to Install Dynmap

  • First, you download your plugin by clicking here.
  • Put the downloaded file in the “plugins” folder of your server.
  • Restart the server after downloading the file.
  • Open the “configuration.txt” file in the “plugins/dynmap” folder.
  • In the file, write the “webserver-port” value and the port (port) given to you by the site where you set up the server.
  • After restarting the server, instead of your browser’s url, write a “:” sign between the server ip and the port (Example:

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