Winner of HP OMEN Club FIFA 23 tournament becomes Team Demiral’s player

In the final of the FIFA 23 tournament organized in partnership with HP OMEN and AMD Ryzen, famous esports club players shared their trump card at the OMEN Club.

FIFA 23, the newest version of FIFA games played by millions of players all over the world every year, was the guest of OMEN Club with the tournament organized by HP OMEN and AMD Ryzen right after its release this year.

In the FIFA 23 tournament, where the online qualifying phase was played for the first time and 256 players from all over Turkey participated, 252 players were eliminated and the last four names were able to write their names in the semi-finals. The four semi-finalists, all of whom are esports club players, played their final stages at HP’s esports center HP OMEN Club in Levent, Istanbul.

Players of Fenerbahçe Espor, Parla Espor, Team Demiral Esports and Fire Flux teams shared their trump cards in the final at HP OMEN Club. In the semi-finals, Team Demiral’s player Arda “M28-janarda” Azinyan and Fire Flux’s player Maruk Efe “FF Maruf” Okumuş eliminated their opponents and made their names in the final. After the 3rd place match played by Türkcan “Turkcanu” Ulutaş, who lost to Arda Azinyan, and Selim Mert “SMG” Güler, who lost to Maruf Efe Okumuş in the other semi-final match, Türkcan Ulutaş managed to become the third in the tournament. In the final, Team Demiral’s player Arda Azinyan defeated Fire Flux player Maruf Efe and finished first in the tournament.

Winner of HP OMEN Club FIFA 23 tournament becomes Team Demiral's player

After the matches played, Team Demiral player Arda Azinyan came first, Fire Flux player Maruf Efe came second, Fenerbahçe Espor player Türkcan Ulutaş third, Parla Espor player Selim Mert Güler finished the tournament fourth. The winner of the event, where all four players participating in the finals received awards according to their ranking, became the owner of the 16-inch HP OMEN gaming laptop.

Emrecan Önal, who is known for his football games videos, was also one of the names who experienced the excitement of the event with the finalists at the HP OMEN Club on the final day of the tournament. Emrecan chatted with the players between the matches and asked them questions about FIFA 23.

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